PROBOLINGGO. Monday (01/01) A pride for the youths in Empowered Village of Sepuh Gembol, Wonomerto District, Kab. Probolinggo is to be able to learn to do business online. Fuad Saefullah, the Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat initiated a youth business group called “CSOM” Comunitas Sudagar Online Muslim.

Starting from Fuad’s concern with the youth’s social media activities that did not produce anything other than the FB, making unclear status and looking for the relationship, Fuad began guidance to these youths to form a mindset of entrepreneurship. Initially, members of this CSMO consists of 5 people assisted. Over time, CSMO formed in June now consists of 12 active members.

“Beginning of formation in June 2017, there are 5 members. And began guiding the mindset of doing business. Alhamdulillah for July until now, there are 12 members aged 15 – 21 years who are active in CSOM, “explained the Fuad.

In addition to guiding the mindset of doing business, also carried out routine Recite Quran activities every week, taking turns from house to house every member. Fuad also gave them loans in the form of rotating business capital from Rumah Zakat. Capital is used by members for product shopping. After the product is sold, the purchased capital is directly deposited to the CSOM treasurer. So the capital is not used up for personal use and can be rotated to other members.

In this way, many CSMO members have millions of turnover per month. One of them, Khoiruddin (21 Years). “In the beginning confused looking for work, Alhamdulillah after the online business started in July turnover 2 million, November 5 million and the end of this year, turnover could be 10 million more.

In this year, Khoiruddin that initially only as beneficiaries (Mustahik). Now, he can become a Muzzaki and is determined to become a donor to Rumah Zakat.

“Alhamdulillah, Hopefully, this empowerment can be infected to other youth, “said Fuad.

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