New research from Brazil found that increasing Vitamin D intake by taking supplements was associated with a decrease in glucose levels. Thus, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is lower.


Research conducted at the Sao Paulo School of Public Health University looked at 680 women ranging in age from 35 to 74 years. The respondent’s blood sample was taken to be tested using a serum to determine Vitamin D levels in a person’s body.


The researchers also analyzed samples to determine glucose levels and asked respondents about the use of Vitamin D supplements. Researchers found that low serum Vitamin D levels were associated with high blood glucose levels.


On the other hand, an increase in Vitamin D with Vitamin D supplements and regular exposure to sunlight is associated with low glucose levels. In the end, the findings concluded that increasing Vitamin D levels could help reduce the risk of diabetes.


They also noted that a number of similar studies recently conducted showed a similar relationship between Vitamin D and glycemic control. “Although the relationship between the two has not been proven, low levels of Vitamin D have a significant effect on type 2 diabetes mellitus,” said NAMS executive director Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton, quoted by Malay Mail, Friday (1/2).



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