KONTRIBUSI RZ DALAM SIAGA POSYANDU MAKASSARMAKASSAR, Tuesday (7/2) The program of Siaga Posyandu for the babies was held in Palem 1 JL. Maccini Kidul village Maccini, Makassar. A total of 50 Babies participated in the event that begins with registration posyandu, weighing, measuring height, giving vitamin A to the babies, and providing additional food such as biscuits and fruit.

Posyandu activity also attended by Mr. and Mrs. Lurah Maccini, Chief of Puskemas Maccini, two doctors ,Coast as well and two employees of other Puskesmas. 2 Relawan RZ also helped and contribute in this Posyandu activity.

The Dentists, Hj. Safirah from Puskesmas Maccini also presented to check the teeth and the mouth of the babies, and then provided information about the importance of teeth healthy to the parents of the babies.

Mr Azim. E, as representatives of local Puskesmas was also presented to provide education on the Tuberculosis disease. In addition, one doctor Koas, Nurlisa S.Ked also share knowledge about the Contraception tools to the mothers in attendance.

“I represent committee of Popsyandu will say many thanks to the RZ and local government because RZ together with Cita Sehat have contributed in Posyandu, lots of babies and their parents were presenting and following the Posyandu activity, PMT is becoming increasingly diverse and services also increased with the education about health,” said Mrs. Raodah, Committee Posyandu of Palem 1.

Newsroom/ Nurul Rahayu


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