BLORA. Koperasi Sampah “Lestari” program or abbreviated KOSAM Lestari is one of the leading programs initiated by the Facilitator of Rumah Zakat with the mothers of Desa Tanjung, Kec. Kedungtuban, Kab. Blora, Central Java. The program was launched a month ago on (23/09).

The program was born out of concern for the surrounding environment and also to revive a syar’i economy in the middle of moneylenders under the guise of cooperatives that clearly practiced the capitalist and usury (riba) system. Therefore KOSAM Lestari was born as a solution in the middle of society.

“Alhamdulillah the enthusiasm of the residents is very high, proven since the establishment of KOSAM Lestari until today is almost fifty residents who actively register as a member of KOSAM,” said Purwanto as Facilitator of Rumah Zakat on Monday (23/10).

KOSAM Lestari invites people to actively and diligently saving, especially in the form of household waste. KOSAM Lestari will also provide a non interest rolling capital loan for its members who need to expand their business.

KOSAM Lestari also empowers its members through skills training, by forming KUBE Training of Yarn Knitting. Skill training produces the works, while KOSAM Lestari accommodates and helps to sell the works of mothers in the form of wallets and yarns handbag.

“Hopefully KOSAM Lestari will grow rapidly, so it can grow branches of KOSAM in the hamlets of Tanjung village, and extends to other villages.” Purwanto said.


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