PROBOLINGGO. (7/24) Rumah Zakat established Gembol Lestari saving and loan cooperative 2, the cooperative that has been established for four months initiated by facilitator of Empowered Village Sepuh Gempol. The young cooperative only has 13 members, 3 as a cooperative board and 10 other members are single parent who have a business.


Although only 4 months old, the existence of Rumah zakat’s saving and loan cooperative is very helpful for the survival of its members. “My capital to sell vegetables is Rp. 100,000, but only sold Rp. 85,000. Not to mention I planted vegetable at night and someone stole my vegetable. Alhamdulllah fortunately there is Rumah zakat’s saving and loan cooperative to increase my capital, the process is not complicated and without interest, “said Hambena, one member of the Cooperative Savings and Loans Gembol Lestari 2.


The members set aside money for their business to be saved in the cooperative, as well as additional member loan capital. “Currently, members are still limited and preferably are the mothers who become the backbone of families who have business. Hopefully when paying installments can be orderly and not burden the institutions. The savings will be given to the members on Idul Fitri holidays, “said one of the facilitators of Empowered Village.


For the past four months, the members have been paying for the installment, only Ibu Maisa, the food vendor in the school cafeteria, is still hampered. She has a dependent daughter who sits in high school. MS. Maisa’s delay due to school holidays during Ramadan, so she has no income.


Empowered Village Facilitator, assisted by the three core cooperative managers can help and find a way out for the delayed installment from Ibu Maisa. Hope in the future, savings and loans cooperative Gembol Lestari 2 could have a joint venture that can increase the capital savings and loan, so the benefits can be felt by the wider community.

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