Weather often affects a person’s preference for coffee. In cold weather, for example, a cup of hot coffee may be preferred. Conversely, a glass of cold coffee may be more popular in the hot weather.


In terms of taste, hot or cold coffee does have its advantages. However, according to a study conducted by a research team in Philadelphia, in terms of health hot coffee turned out to be healthier to cold coffee.


The research uploaded in the journal Scientific Reports revealed that hot coffee tends to be healthier because it has a higher level of antioxidant activity. Antioxidants can provide many healthful benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes to premature death.


“We find hot brewed coffee has more antioxidant capacity,” said one researcher Megan Fuller as reported in Health.


From the acidity level, Fuller and the team found hot coffee and cold brew had almost the same acidity. In fact, so far cold brew coffee is believed to be more stomach friendly because it has a lower acidity than hot coffee.


According to the study, all samples of hot coffee and cold brew have a degree of acidity (pH) between 4.85 to 5.13, based on these findings, the research team assessed cold brew coffee is not a more friendly coffee option for the stomach.


Even so, it does not mean cold brew coffee has absolutely no positive value. Cold brew coffee also still contains antioxidants like hot coffee. Cold brew coffee also has several advantages, one of which has a tastier taste.


Delicious coffee taste will reduce the desire of coffee drinkers to include other additions that are less healthy for coffee. Some of the additions are meant for example milk, cream, or sugar.


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