KORBAN BANJIR MOJOKERTO SAMBUT ANTUSIAS 200 KORNET SUPERQURBANMOJOKERTO. Overflowing rivers caused flooding in the area aware Mojoanyar and Mojosari, Mojokerto on Tuesday (28/03). There are eight villages affected with 3,093 families who are victims of the flood. Refugee camps that are used by people is the school and the village hall. Nonetheless, some people decided to stay in their homes.

Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Surabaya distributed the donation from donors in the form of 200 cans of Superqurban corned centered at a public kitchen to help logistics needs of the residents. This assistance was directly conducted by Yulianto Eko as the Coordinator of Volunteers.

Mrs. Sri, one of the resident who cook expressed many thanks and grateful for the help of Superqurban corned beef. “Thank you very much for the corned mas, it’s so useful for additional side dishes.”

Yulianto Eko wished all the elements of disaster preparedness in East Java can continue to work together to help victims of the disaster. “When all the elements are compact and solid, disaster management can be done maximally, aid can be disbursed quickly and appropriately,” concludeed Yulianto.




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