pertamina-salurkan-kornet-siaga-pangan-nusantara-untuk-korban-sinabungMEDAN. In connection with the eruption of Mount Sinabung, PT. Pertamina (Persero) together with RZ channeled corned of Nusantara Food Alert (SPN) in Mount Sinabung disaster site and its surroundings. corned of Nusantara Food Alert (SPN ) will be distributed in two districts in Karo, they are Gung Pinto village and Mbelin Kuta village, Naman Teran sub-district and Gundaling II village, Berastagi district..

The target of Beneficiaries in the distribution this time is the area affected Mount Sinabung eruption since 2010. The distribution was held on Friday to Saturday (25 – 26 October)

Sinabung eruption since 2010 suffered a severe impact to residents in the surrounding area, farmland into society’s expectations damaged by volcano ash continuously covered the land during the eruption. Therefore the residents in the village require adequate nutritional support.

Distribution of SPN corned is done in the Hall of Gung Pinto Mosque and also in Gundaling II Village. The enthusiasm and excitement of the people welcomed the arrival of the team. Although not in accordance with the planned time earlier because of the distance which is very far, but residents remain loyal to wait until the event ends.

“The total number of distribution corned beef in all three areas is as much as 798 cans with details: 640 distributed for Gung Pinto and Kuta Mbelin Village and 158 distributed to Gundaling II villages with total PM as many as 399 people,” said Perdana P. Adikrishna as RZ Project M & E.

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