GARUT. There is a something different on shubuh recitation at Majlis Taklim Nurul Iman Cisero located in Kp. Babakan Cisero RT 04 RW 03 Village Cisero Cisurupan, Garut. The recitation was conducted by Rumah Zakat’s volunteer, Wahyu Suryaman on Wednesday (02/08). After conducting the material he distributed Superqurban corned to the worshipers.

“It is right that we as fellow Muslims always bring happiness to another Muslim. Alhamdulillah Rumah Zakat brings happiness by sharing corned Superqurban to residents of Cisero village,” said Wahyu.

”Alhamdulillah we get corned from Rumah Zakat, we are deeply moved and thankful for the care of Rumah Zakat to us. Hopefully Rumah Zakat would be more successful,” said Mrs. Eroh, one of the beneficiaries.


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