KORNET SUPERQURBAN UNTUK KORBAN TERDAMPAK BANJIR SURABAYASURABAYA. Kali Lamong overflow caused flood in Rejo village, District Pakal, Surabaya. The flood was getting worst when Kali Lamong dam bursted on (05/02).

Based on the situational report by Achmad Dwi, RZ Surabaya Volunteer, there are 4 RW that were affected by the number of households around 1380 households and average water level of about 30-40 cm.

“There is no number of wounded and dead people. The majority of  physical Impact affected houses but there is no damage occured, whereas for the public facilities such as mosques, bridges, and the village office are safe.” Achmad Dwi said, RZ Surabaya Volunteer.

“To the point of evacuation, while residents stay in their houses, and some residents took refuge at a neighbor’s house that was not submerged in water.” he added.

Sunday afternoon (05/02) the volunteers came to the location to conduct an assessment, and in the evening they were distributing 48 Superqurban corned for the needs of the common kitchen on the location of the flood. In addition to RZ Surabaya Volunteers also work together to make artificial embankments retaining water. As for the requirements needed today in the disaster area is logistics needs.

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