The total of 10 Regional Coordinators (Korwil) and 26 Mentors participated in the two days of training on 11-12 November 2017 at SMKIT Istana Mulia Cinangka Serang. The activity is in order Upgrading Mentor Anak Champion Rumah Zakat Cilegon with the theme “Becoming the happiest Mentor”.

“During these two days, we have given some materials and simulations so that the korwil and mentor have a sense of happiness while fostering children, happy while being nurtured and his students feel happy when nurtured by him”. Clearly Zaenudin Scholarship Management.

While Ali Nurhasan, the Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat, said to the upgrading participants “if our mindset is filled with the word” happy “then we will always be happy in carrying out any activities especially when fostering champion children”, Ali said that Korwil and Mentor are big families from Rumah Zakat Cilegon greeted with applause and echo takbir from the participants.
The special guests were Arif Taat Ujianto as the Director of Indonesia’s Champion Foundation to provide motivation and happy energy transfer to the Corps and mentors who were present at the time.

In addition to presenting the Director, the committee also invited various experts who are experts in their fields namely Mukhlisin Sidiq, S.Pd., Msi. Providing material about “the importance of mentoring”, Ahmad Subari about “Know and Understand Child’s Practice”, Ahmad Alimin, S.Mn about searching for self-potential and others “.

In addition to being treated to various materials, participants also had the opportunity to watch together in the field of SMKIT Istana Mulia.
In the second day, ugrading activities are disbursed with outbound to form the mental and physical of the korwil and mentor.

“The show is cool and exciting, hope next year more exciting again” said Mahjunah one of the participants from the Cibeber region.

On the occasion of mentor upgrading, this time has been announced the best korwil and mentor achieved by Saidatul Hajijah as Korwil Cilegon and Mimi Rusmiyati as mentor Cibeber Karangasem.

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