KULON PROGO. Rumah Zakat establishes Joint Business Group (KUBE) ‘Rajut Hijau Sidomulyo’ in Sidomulyo village of Karangasem Sub-district, Sidomulyo Sub-District, Pengasih, Kulon Progo. Through Rumah Zakat’s Empowered Village Facilitators for Sidomulyo Jeni Widiyatmoko, KUBE Rajut Hijau Sidomulyo has been running effectively for 5 months with the main effort to make handmade knit shoes.

“Alhamdulillah, this joint business activity has been running effectively approximately 5 months, business group Rajut Hijau Sidomulyo has recorded net profit into the group cash of 1 million rupiah” said Jeni.

Not only able to turn KUBE cash, this business group also obviously able to help the ten members of the group to earn income.

“The profit that goes into KUBE cash does not include the benefits of group members that are received directly every month from the results of knitting and selling products. Every month, group members can earn revenues from this business group is ranging from 100,000 – 500,000 per person per month. Depending on the activity of each member ” said Jeni.

Rumah Zakat intense foster this business group with direct assistance conducted by Jeni as a facilitator in regular meetings held every week, business assistance material provided ranging from Marketing, Online Marketing, Calculating the value of KUBE wealth up to make the in and out of goods system.

Mujini (30 Yrs) a housewife admitted that since joining KUBE Rajut Hijau Sidomulyo, she can add family income.

“Before the existence of this KUBE, I do not know about the ins and outs of online sales, Alhamdulillah with this cooperative at every regular meeting of the group, Facilitator of Rumah Zakat always provide new materials, such as about online marketing. Alhamdulillah, I can practice it direcly, given in this September I could record the sales of knitwear production from the group of 26 pairs of shoes with a profit of 15-25rb / pair” Mujini said

“Hopefully this business group can be more developed” said Nuraini (32 yrs), a member of KUBE Rajut Hijau Sidomulyo.

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Kulon Progo

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