Snacks are very difficult to avoid, especially when gathering with friends or family, even when sitting in front of the television. However, many people choose the wrong type of snack which results in increasing body weight.

Reporting from, snacks that are safe to accompany relaxing time are foods that are low in sugar and high in fiber and protein, even better if you make your own snacks.


Start making fruits the main snack, because fruits are rich in fiber, nutrients and high water content. Choose fruits that are preferred so that the desire to snack is getting bigger.


Cut vegetables

Apart from fruit, of course vegetables will be a good choice. Pieces of vegetables combined with slices of fruit and a splash of sauce are sure to delay hunger before dinner hours successfully.


Pure yogurt without artificial sweeteners can also be a delicious snack. Protein in yogurt plus low fat, makes the stomach easier to feel full. Add fruit slices as natural flavorings will also add to the pleasure when eating these snacks.


However, don’t be easily tempted by low-fat words that are often printed on yogurt packages, because in fact it can lead to the possibility of faster hunger. The solution, choose yogurt with as few ingredients as possible, because the yogurt only contains milk and probiotic cultures, smoothies containing yogurt, oatmeal, fruit and vegetables.



For those of you who have allergies to cow’s milk, nuts such as soybeans, hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds can be a suitable substitute. Nuts are believed to make the stomach feel more full.


Toasted bread with peanut butter spread


Wheat contains high fiber. Spread the peanut butter will also add healthy fat that makes you full faster. An additional cup of tea can also be a complete package, so that the body’s water content is maintained.



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