KUNJUNGAN MOBIL JUARA RUMAH ZAKAT SOLO DI SDIT LUQMAN HAKIMSRAGEN. Rumah Zakat through its educational programs presents Juara Car which is a mobile library car that can bring the feel of attractive learning. Juara Car is equipped with books, audio-visual equipment, and computers which are connected to the Internet so as to accommodate school children to learn to use modern and attractive media. Juara Car is often making a road show to schools one of them to a school located in Sragen, SDIT Luqman Hakim Sukodono.

Juara car of Rumah Zakat’s activity in SDIT Luqman Hakim Sukodono, Sragen went very festive. Approximately 198 children participated in the activity with enthusiasm and excitement.

While filling the pause period after mid semester exam children are given education to keep reading and learning. In addition to reading the children were also given the opportunity to try out educational games and traditional games.

At the end of the activity children were given the opportunity to tell the books they have read before, it is to train children’s ability to perform in public.

“Thank Juara Car, it is fun activity and there are a lot of prizes, Please come again longer” Azzam said fourth grade student of SDIT Luqman Hakim. According to Ustadz Luqman Hakim Toyib, the teacher of SDIT Luqman Hakim Sukodono the activity is beneficial activities to fill the time lag after the mid exam. “Thanks to Juara Car Rumah Zakat Solo, hopefully Rumah Zakat be more useful for Indonesian education”

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