KUNJUNGAN MOJU ADIRA INSURANCE - RZ CERIAKAN SDN KERANGGOTCILEGON. Based on data from the Ministry of National Education in 2008, the numbers of schools that have libraries are: 32% at the primary level, 63.3% at the junior level from 64,000 villages in Indonesia, and it turns out that only 22% have a library. The number of libary in various departments and company is only about 31%. Data Research and National Library Development Agency: lack of library facilities, plus away the access and the lack of information about the library, sometimes make children lazy to come to the library.

Juara Car Program (Moju) of RZ Cilegon is a program of collaboration between RZ and Adira Sharia Insurance Company. With the presence of Moju of Adira Insurance – RZ with its mobile library program has managed to give the feel of an interesting library. Moju Adira Insurance – RZ Program is in the form of vehicle car designed for mobile and can bring attractive learning atmosphere, consisting of books, audio-visual equipment, and computers connected to the internet.

This morning, Monday (05/09) Moju Adira Insurance – RZ visited SDN Keranggot at Jl. Keranggot Sukmajaya sub-district, Jombang district Cilegon City. The school is located in a market area of Cilegon. The enthusiasm of the students of SDN Keranggot was so perceived by Moju team when they arrive at the location.

Various activities presented by team that is storytelling, watch educational movies, drawing, games and so forth. But on the sidelines the students of SDN Keranggot not forget to read the books in the library car.

“Alhamdulillah, it was great to share the joy and educating children,” said Iroh Basiroh as PIC of Moju Adira Insurance – RZ.

Syafira Febriani, the student of SDN Keranggot also felt joy when able to explain the contents of the book, “Alhamdulillah, I can tell the books I read. Great book! Thanks to Moju Adira Insurance – RZ which has given the prize, come back again” said Syafira happy.


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