lagi-indonesia-mendongeng-sukses-digelar-di-makassarMAKASSAR. A total of 511 students throughout the city of Makassar enlivenedPupils Gathering Akbar Se TPQ-Nusantara, Indonesia Storytelling 4 at Masjid Raya Makassar, Jl. Masjid Raya, Makassar held on Wednesday (25/12) by Volunteer RZ together with BKPRMI Makassar.

Routine activities carried out since the last 4 years, this time officially opened by the Head of Education Department of Makassar, “I am grateful this event can be held. Hopefully TPA Students, especially in the city of Makassar become children with good character. “

For this year, Volunteers bring kak Heru with his funny puppets, Si Bona to bring the fairy tale “Jin, Annisa and Magic Box”. the students receive education about that the best place for asking a help is Allah, not others.

In addition to the appearance of a fairy tale, also held a coloring contest, madding race, and Muslim fashion show competition.

The enthusiasm of these students made all those present also felt excited The mentor, the clerics also no less enthusiastic, there are so many who feel comforted and immortalize this moment.

“It’s amazing. Alhamdulillah their enthusiasm is very good. “Said Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Makassar, Ramli.


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