LAGI, KALI INI RZ LAUNCHING SD JUARA DI TANGERANGTANGERANG. On August, 30 RZ launched SD Juara Tangerang is located at Jl. Kehakiman Raya, Komplek Kehakiman Tanah Tinggi Tanerang (Masjid Al Hakim), The activity began with Quran recitation from Ustadz Asep.

The Launcing of SD Juara Tangerang also attended by the Head of Education Department of Tangerang, H. Abduh which supports the presence of Sekolah Juara in Tangerang, “We support the concept of SD Juara based on multiple intelligence may create generations of champions in their respective fields. Success always! “Said H. Abduh.

In his speech Heny Widyastuti as RZ’s Chief Program Officer said that the naming of the School Champion is intended for students who come from poor families do not feel inferior and feel proud to have been in SD Juara Tangerang, which is one of 18 Schools Champion scattered across Indonesia , In addition, as a prayer, the name of SD Juara which means a chmapion is also a part of the prayer that that students become champions generation.

RZ now has 18 Juara School consisting of 1 ECD, 14 primary schools, two junior high school and one Ranch vocational High school, and they have helped more than 2,000 poor and orphans to get free education quality.

The launching of activities to show the creation of elementary school students in the form of dance champion and wushu martial performance by Fatih as entertainment for the guests who enthusiastically followed every order of events for the sake of the show.

As the summit launching the activities carried out to cut the ribbon, led by Mr. H. Abduh as head of the Tangerang City Department of Education, followed by a photo session with the students of SD Champion Juara as well as the invited guest.


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