By: Sis Zabrina

Alhamdulillaah, all praise is to Allaah, the Al Mighty, the Most Glorious, Most High, Most Powerful who has allowed me to perform my Hajj and gave me a safe return, alhamdulillaah.

Like all other pilgrims, I believed that what I had experienced within those 25 days were beyond words and description. There are too many incidences that happened to me and other pilgrims that had made me reflect deep and hard. SubhanAllaah, what i can say is that, truly, Allaah is indeed Most Loving, He Listens and He, our Lord, truly is the Responder to all requests and prayers…subhanAllaah.

Words cannot describe the feelings I had day-in, day-out being His guests, in His Home, subhanAllaah.

If I can say one thing, is this reminder that Allaah has given us,

“And Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah) to the House (Ka‘bah) is a duty that mankind owes to Allaah, those who can afford the expenses (for one’s conveyance, provision and residence)” [Aal ‘Imraan 3:97]

And my brothers and sisters, this is one duty that would insha Allaah bring us closer to Him, in a manner that is very special. I knew now, deep in my heart that He wants us to perform the Hajj for reasons that would benefits us. Period. Not for Him, but for us.

So, if we could afford to, perform it quickly as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) has reminded us,

“Hasten to do Hajj – meaning the obligatory Hajj – for none of you knows what will happen to him.” Narrated by Imam Ahmad (may Allaah have mercy on him), 1/314; classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Irwa’ al-Ghaleel, 990.

He is totally right, you agree? …for none of you knows what will happen to him…

Therefore, let us all start saving bit by bit, making the intention and have all the trust in Allaah to assist us to make the beautiful journey of a lifetime a reality as quickly as possible, ameen.

And if you are like me and you have done the Hajj, let us pray that Allaah would include us then and again, year after year, to be in His Guest list, for that list, my brothers and sisters, is the most honorable guest list of all…

To start sharing (plus i am still not over my jetlag), I decided to adhere to the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. So, here are a few hundred pictures for you (from over 3500 pictures I took), hopefully they all could be worth a million words, Ameen…

Especially for you, Life Storyteller Blog readers…

Enjoy and Be Awed by His Magnificence, His Glory, His Love and His Mercy…

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