lansia-semangat-berkarya-bersama-cita-sehatBANDUNG. Elderly Friendly program is one of the programs initiated by Cita Sehat and RZ in order to support health of the elderly and also empower them.

Just as carried out on Wednesday (10/09), the elderly in Gumuruh village Bandung did the creation of Recyclable waste to hone the creativity of the elderly in order to empower them in the program of #LansiaSemangatBerkarya (Elderly spirit to work).

Recyclable waste such as plastics and bottles transformed into goods that have value to be sold such as flowers, tablecloths, bags and others. #LansiaSemangatBerkarya Activity was attended by 15 elderly people who are members of the Elderly Friendly program and Trash charity in the local area.

This activity is an advanced stage of Trash charity Program. If the sorted trashes are sold to collectors, this time plastic and bottles processed first. So it has higher value to be sold.

Moreover, this activity is also expected to change the society, especially the elderly to create productivity from small things that are around us.

“Alhamdulillah, this activity makes the elderly creative and productive at that age is not young anymore.”, Said Mrs. Hana, the participant of activity.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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