YOGYAKARTA, Wednesday (09/10) – Posyandu elderly Sumarah RW 08, Suronatan, Yogyakarta City again met this week with a health check and additional knowledge about dementia.

The meeting began with a weight check and blood pressure checks followed by an education about dementia by Mr. Alvian Mubarak from Cita Sehat Foundation.

The event was attended by more than 40 elderly men and women. They listened carefully to every explanation from Mr. Alfian, and enthusiastically asked about what they were confused about.

At the end, Mrs. Rus, one of the elderly mothers in Suronatan conveyed “Miss, for the next meeting, can you please ask Mr. Alvian to come again, the knowledge conveyed is very helpful and is easy to understand. We really do need to fight demetia so that we do not be senile and confused.”

“Hopefully, this knowledge is able to provide the best for those who need and encourage the elderly to maintain their health.” Said Facilitator of Empowered Villages of Rumah Zakat.


Rifai Yusup / Hanaa Afifah

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