RZ LDKO CilegonPEKANBARU. Towards the implementation of semester exams SD Juara held an outbound at Pancing Khairul Park in Kampar sub district on Wednesday (11/25/2015).

The event participated by students from grade 1 to 6 grade, they depart to the location at 08.00 am. In total there were 100 participants who took part. They were accompanied by 14 teachers. They arrived at the location around 09.00 am, the students of SD Juara immediately greeted by a team of trainers from Trustco Pekanbaru. The students were very enthusiastic and excited because of the location of outbound this time feels quite different from the atmosphere in the school. Green and beautiful environments as well as outdoors become a spirit for the students.

“This activity aims to train independence and courage of the students, because the students have to be prepared to become a tough generation, brave and independent because the future challenges are getting bigger and the students who will live it up” said Principal of SD Juara Pekanbaru Suriksodi Saputro while giving a direction before the event starts.

In addition this event was held in preparation for students before the semester exams in December.

At this time there are four outbound game challenges that must be conquered by the students such as high-impact games and team building, Two Line Bright, Spider Net, Team Building and Maze.
The students’ adrenalin directly aroused when they see the challenges. Evidently the students of SD Juara pekanbaru have guts and mental strength as they scramble to try every game.

“It is exciting, I do not feel afraid, but happy to play along,” said one of the students, Shafiyah after trying all the challenges. The event started at 14:00 after all the participants do the midday prayers in congregation and followed by lunch.

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