JAKARTA. The fourth day of school at SD Juara North Jakarta on Thursday (20/07) still contained of the main agenda of MOS (Student Orientation Program) for new students. Today MOS was filled with march-line exercises guided by homeroom teacher.
The marching activity began at 08:00 in the school yard. At first the homeroom teacher gave instructions to the children to line up neatly in groups which each group consisted of 2 or 3 lines.

The students follow the instructions enthusiastically. For children who had previously attended an early childhood education such as PAUD or kindergarten would have known the marching activity, they just need to develop their basic techniques, while for the children who had just gone to school, line marched became an unfamiliar experience for them . But the homeroom can overcome the difference in ability, the marching line still running without problem, the students even were so fun.

After the 2 hours lesson or 70 minutes was over the new students return to the classroom to learn how to organize classroom order. “Actually, children may not yet understand how important the wisdom of this line of marching activity is, it is not appropriate also to give them in long explanation, whereas the line of marching is very identical as physical training in order to form a solid and firm stance, Done in groups can also create a sense of unity among students, and equally important is the planting of discipline to the children from the beginning of their life.” Said one of the homeroom teacher.

“Hopefully these ‘young soldiers’ become academic forces that are not only intellectually intelligent but also spiritual, emotional and able to live the life challenges that occur during their growth.”


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