PALU. (02/10) In disaster response for the earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi, Rumah Zakat mobilized teams to carry out various Disaster Care actions ranging from evacuation, establishment of public kitchens, logistics delivery to medical personnel.

Doctor Hayyatunnufus Alkaf or often called doctor Aya joined the Rumah Zakat team to provide medical treatment for affected victims.

“We go down to refugee, we see refugees who need medical treatment”. Said Doctor Aya while treating the patient

It has been three days for Doctor Aya to provide medical treatment to refugees or earthquake and tsunami victims. This time Doctor Aya gave medical services in the Tatanga sub-district, Palu City.

“For three days we have taken medical action, we started from Saturday”. Reveal the doctor.

The disease suffered by the refugees is very varied, ranging from fever, diarrhea, to high blood pressure.

“Initially, most of us served refugees who were lightly injured, because many refugees were hit by broken glass, and punctured by nails.” She said.

For drug supplies, not all types of drugs are provided, but she guarantees that they can cover the drug needs needed by the refugees.

“Not all medicines we have, but we guarantee that we can meet the needs of the refugees.” She added.

Health services help the needs or treat diseases suffered by refugees after the earthquake and tsunami occurred.

“We thank Rumah Zakat for helping in the health sector”. Said Abdullah, one of the refugees in the Tatanga sub-district.

In addition to medical personnel, residents also hope for other assistance such as food, clean water, and other needs. “In the future, we hope to get assistance in the form of basic needs, clean water and other food needs “. Abdullah said.


Candra Kurnia / Lailatul Istikhomah

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