LOMBOK. “Our area is forgotten by the trending topic of North Lombok, so that assistance only passes through this village area, let alone to provide assistance they also did not stop to see our condition,” said Amir, Head of the Medas Hamlet, Wagon Desa Gunung Sari District, West Lombok.

Medas Hamlet is one of the areas affected by the earthquake but forgotten by the attention of public. In this village there is no food and logistical assistance from the local government or other institutions. Residents were forced to evacuate on open land by setting up self-help tents from their own tarpaulin with all the limitations.

Rumah Zakat Medical Team consisting of 5 people, one of them from the West Nusa Tenggara Army medical personnel on Tuesday (07/08) immediately went to the location to provide medical services to 110 patients, many residents complained of body aches, this was due to the refugee conditions that very inappropriate.

“Only 1 tarpaulin as a roof, and makeshift bedding, there is no wall, this is not very feasible especially many toddlers and babies who are displaced, “said Nurmansyah, Rumah Zakat Volunteer

In the village inhabited by 600 families, 22 people died and 120 houses were severely damaged, while residents desperately needed assistance, especially tents, food and logistical needs.

“Alhamdulilah, Rumah Zakat is the first institution that is present to provide medical services for refugees here, Insya Allah, in the near future we will soon open a public kitchen service here,” added Nurman



Lailatul Istikhomah

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