1. Choose “Konfirmasi Donasi (Confirmation Donation)” icon at the top right side of the homepage or you can also choose “Donasi Online (Online Donation)” service menu that directs you to RZ webstore.
  2. Filling up your Personal Data, Name, Sex, Phone Number, E-Mail Account, Address, Type of Donation and the Amount of Donation on the online form provided.
  3. Then please click “Donate Now” to present payment options
  4. You can choose several options such as Mandiri Click Pay, XL Tunai, or Visa/Mastercard Credit Card.
  5. Especially for Credit Card, you must follow the tips below:
    1. Choose Credit Card logo on the payment options.
    2. Enter Card Number Data, Card Expiration Date, and Card Security Code (3 last numbers).
    3. When “Please Wait while Your Payment is Processed” notification pop-up on your screen, please wait for verification process done.
    4. If “Your Payment has been approved” notification pop-up, it means your donation has been processed.

Donate Now