Zakat, Infaq, and Shadaqa (ZIS) are obligation for Muslim as a part of obedience to Allah SWT. In addition, they can also be utilized as the best way to help others. Therefore, RZ invites you to join Sahabat Infaq program for implementing daily infaq (charity).

Sahabat infaq is a program that in line with RZ’s ongoing activity in 2014 namely BIG SMILE Indonesia. BIG SMILE Indonesia has been established by three main mottos namely Berbagi Itu Gaya, Berbagi Itu Gampang, Berbagi Itu Gue banget.

Through this program, RZ attempts to facilitate people in civilizing sharing and make it as simple and easy lifestyle.

By donating only for 50.000 rupiah you can obtain an infaq box from RZ as a daily infaq facility

The Options of Sahabat Infaq Donation

  • Sahabat Infaq can visit RZ closest office to submit the donation,
  • Sahabat Infaq can transfer the donation via RZ Bank Accounts, or
  • Sahabat infaq can accumulate it for a month

Transfer Confirmation of Sahabat Infaq Donation

  • Follow Our Twitter @rumahzakat
  • SMS Center of RZ on 0815 7300 1555
  • E-mail : [email protected]

The Benefits of Sahabat Infaq

  1. As a facility to share with the needy
  2. As a facility to get Allah’s Blessing
  3. As a facility to get more information and as a means of gathering
  4. Infaq Box
  5. Learning facility to share early
  6. Direct visit to the ICD and Beneficiaries

What can you get from it?

  • Confirmation report via SMS
  • Distribution report via E-mail or Twitter as a form of our responsibility

Formulir Pendaftaran Sahabat Infak

  • Konfirmasi Transfer (di isi apabila sahabat infak sudah melakukan transfer) *

  • BNI Syariah nomor rekening 009 249 5530 an. Yayasan Rumah Zakat Indonesia