JAYAPURA. LAZIZ PLN and Rumah Zakat inaugurated free elementary school, SD Juara Al Hikmah in Jayapura, Monday (08/21). Champion School in Jayapura is collaboration between LAZIZ PLN and also Rumah Zakat. SD Juara Al-Hikmah Jayapura became 18th of Rumah Zakat assisted school in Indonesia.

“Alhamdulillah, today the 18th Sekolah Juara has been inaugurated, hopefully it could give benefit and kindness to the people of Jayapura, especially Tanah Hitam Village,” said R. Herry Hermawan, Chief Operational Officer of Rumah Zakat.

SD Juara Jayapura is starting to carry out teaching and learning activities in the academic year 2017/2018 25 students became the first generation, all of which are children of Tanah Hitam Village, Abepura District, Jayapura.

“The students here are all from the Abepura District, 80% of them are broken home children, some are left by their parents, some are left by their mothers, some are in jail, so they are children who need love, Trying to teach with love and affection, “explained Damino, Principal of SD Juara Al-Hikmah Jayapura.

The inauguration of SD Juara Al-Hikmah Jayapura was attended by the mayor of Jayapura, DR. Drs. Benhur Tomy Mano, M.M. “We are very grateful to LAZIS PLN and Rumah Zakat for helping the government to educate the children of Jayapura, hopefully children become pious children, the successor of a smart and intelligent nation,” said Benhur.

Chairman of LAZIS PLN, Herry Hasanudin also expressed his happiness over the inauguration of SD Juara Al-Hikmah Jayapura. “We are very pleased to be able to synergize with Rumah Zakat in presenting Sekolah Juara in the land of Papua. This is a form of PLN’s commitment to not only light up Indonesia with light but also with science,” Herry said.


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