LEBAK, Sunday (11/03) – Rumah Zakat continues to serve to advance villages, as one of the motto Rumah Zakat holds is “From the Village we Build Nation” and one of the programs to realize this motto is with free computer lessons for middle and high school students which is held every Sunday at Carelang village, Kolelet Wetan Village, Kec. Rangkasbitung District. Lebak, Banten.

In these tutoring activities, the children felt happy because, besides the free tutoring, the children also felt satisfied in learning with tutors who continued to assist them until they could operate the computer.

The computers are still limited. Facilitator of Desa Berdaya has just provided 3 units, one privately owned, one is donations from a friend, and another is loaned from a friend when the lessons are to be held. Each time the lesson will begin, the tutor will divide the group first because of the limited number of computers/laptops.

However, this does not dampen the enthusiasm of children to learn computers, they are still happy even though they have to be divided into groups, because there is wisdom in the form of groups, they can ask each other and help one another.

Facilitator hopes there is attention, especially for the learning support tools (computers) so that those who take lessons can have one computer for themselves.


Meli Latifah / Hanaa Afifah

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