LESTARIKAN LINGKUNGAN, LAZ UBOH PLTU BANTEN DAN RZ WUJUDKAN BANK SAMPAHCILEGON. Trash is one of the biggest waste producers from human activities. Trash is divided into two kind namely organic and inorganic. Organic waste is waste that comes from living things and can decompose naturally by bacteria. While non-organic waste is a waste of human that remains and results difficult to be decomposed by bacteria so it takes a very long time to be destroyed.

Non-organic waste is usually in the form of plastic, bottles, cans, and others which if allowed accumulating will cause negative impacts from environmental pollution, causing the outbreak of disease, global warming, and the destruction of ecosystems both marine and terrestrial.

Today many initiations management and treatment of inorganic waste to be recycled and reused as a solution to the waste bin utilization. It is what lies behind the formation of Trash Bank program which is waste management by and for the community.

The program is made possible through the cooperation between LAZ Uboh Banten power plant 1 suryalaya with RZ Cilegon as a form of environmental concern. Puma Mandiri trash bank program has been running since May 2016 last month in Lebak Gede village, Pulo Merak, Cilegon.

“After the socialization about the benefits of Trash Bank, residents enthusiastically participated in this Trash Bank program. Every 1 week all residents who have registered as customers gathered to hand over inorganic garbage daily that have been separated before.” Nur Shyfa said, Project Monitoring and Evaluation RZ.

Nur continued that the trash is weighed and recorded the type and weight of their garbage by the board. The collected waste will be sold to collectors who proceeds from the sale will be deposited as the savings of customers. The program is interesting not only for society but also for administrators of LAZ Uboh Banten power plant 1 suryalaya.

As well as on Sunday (08/29) of Puma Mandiri trash bank was attended by Board LAZ Uboh Banten power plant 1 suryalaya, Mr. Wibi who visit to see firsthand the activities of Puma Mandiri trash bank, as well as invite cooperate to the board of Puma Mandiri trash bank to sort garbage in Banten 1 Suralaya power plant company.

“This was get a god response from the board of Puma Mandiri trash bank and, insya Allah, in the near future will perform the treaty agreement between the LAZ Uboh and administrators of Puma Mandiri trash bank ” Nur added.

Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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