RZ LDKO CilegonCILEGON. The history of Islamic music can be traced back by reference to Al Farabi’s (950 CE) theory in al-Musiqa al-Kabir, as mentioned by Poetra (2004, 49-50) Since the time of the Prophet Muhammad (622 CE), Islam has been enriched by many songs praising God and his messenger (Rasul).

One of oldest qasida is “Shalawat Badar,” which was performed by the Anshar (i.e. the helpers or converts from Medina) group in company with a rebana ensemble to welcome Muhammad and his companions to Medina at the time of the hijra (emigration from Mecca to Medina).

However, Qasida began to be eroded by modern music such as pop, rock, and metal. Therefore, a mentor of Children Potential Development Center from Cilegon, Salman, initiated to present regular Qasida class for the beneficiaries of scholarship assistance in Cilegon.

Salman said that the class is presented to preserve Islamic art and culture. “This class is conducted once a week every Sunday in Majlis Taklim Al-Hikmah Cigading, Tegal Ratu, Ciwandan. Now there are 15 children who participate in this class,” Salman added. ***

Newsroom/Arif Syarifudin

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