PALEMBANG, (07/06). Ambulance Relief Grief or abbreviated ARINA is one of the ambulance units managed by Cita Sehat Foundation, as the partner of Rumah Zakat in the health field.


This afternoon, ARINA, which was piloted by Gunawan, returned to operate delivering the body of a Palembang resident who wanted to be buried in Puncak Sekuning cemetery, Lilir Bar, Palembang, South Sumatra.


“I picked the corpse from the rural area of ​​the river musi, near the Dutch heritage buildings. From there traveled as far as 41 Kilometers to go to the cemetery, “said Mr. Gun, so he is often called.


He also added, now more enthusiasm to run the mandate to help Palembang residents who need medical transportation ambulance, because the streets in Palembang City have been much improved.


“Alhamdulillah delivery is easier and smoother because since the holiday, the streets in Palembang City have been much improved. Hopefully with this can add blessing and spirit in carrying out the task, “said Mr. Gun.


Newsroom / Dian Ekawati

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