LEZATNYA OTAK-OTAK BERGIZI DI GIZI SANG JUARA SD JUARA PEKANBARUPEKANBARU. On (08/22) SD Juara Pekanbaru conducted Supplementary food distribution from the donor namely Raihanah in the Nutrition for Champion program. The program aims to meet the nutritional needs of SD Champion Pekanbaru students, which will be regularly distributed in SD Juara Pekanbaru.

Nutrition Menu on this occasion is otak-otak, typical food of Palembang. At 07.00 am otak-otak already landed in SD Juara Pekanbaru. otak-otak this time made from fish and guarantee it is halal.

To enjoy otak-otak, some teachers consist of three teacher got ready to cook. It began with cooking preparation. The kitchen equipment is also prepared from the garage such as gas stove, pots, crockery and others.

First of all otak-otak should be steamed for 5 s / d 10 minutes so that it tastes better, after it is cooked otak-otak is slided to bamboo stick. Mr. Puji, Mrs. Reni, Mrs. Dwi and Mrs. Mira patiently slided one by one the otak-otak to the stick. Until the otak-otak are ready to be fried, and then Mrs. Dwi fried Otak- otak one by one. Around 08.00 A.M the otak-otak cooked completely and ready to be eaten by students. Alhamdulillah every student could get 4 sticks of otak-otak.

The division of otak-otak carried out during the break time. Students lined up in front of the class. The children were very enthusiastic waiting to be called. After getting their otak-otak student eat them heartily accompanied with spicy sauce. “It is spicy and tasty” Said one of the students when eating the tasty otak-otak

“The otak- otak is tasty, I want 5 more bu, “said Ibad, 2nd grade, in average students love it and they want to eat more.

“Tasty Otak-otak, healthy and nutritious” Said Mrs. Heni Kusrini, “It can make my weight gain ” Said Mrs. Heny joked with a laugh.

Happiness accompanied the the distribution of Nutition for the champion this time, the students and teachers soluble in excitement. They particularly enjoyed the menu was given by the donator. Hopefully, these activities can meet the nutritional needs of the students.

“Alhamdulillah, the students really like the otak-otak,. Thanks to donators who have graciously give otak-otak to us, hopefully you always healthy and Allah’s blessings will always bestow upon you” said Muhammad Bayu Putra, Vice Principal of SD Jura Pekanbaru.
Newsroom/Muhammad Bayu Putra

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