liburan-sekolah-kpk-dan-rz-adakan-sunatan-massal Jakarta.Tuesday (12/27) morning, Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and RZ held a mass circumcision for 78 children from the Greater Jakarta. Mass circumcision performed at the KPK building Jalan HR Rasuna Said, Jakarta. Mass circumcision was held as a form of direct concern to the community from KPK, especially utilizing the school holidays for children.

“In total there are 78 participants, participants around Greater Jakarta. There are of Pasar Rebo, Jatinegara, Bogor, also around the KPK, “said KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo, on the sidelines of this mass circumcision. Mass circumcision was held from 08.00 am followed by 78 children. While waiting, they were entertained with Islamic animation movie. Sequentially, the committee summoned every 6 children into the room for circumcision.

There are 10 doctors circumcise the children with the laser method today. Nur lutfiyana, as RZ Branch Manager convey that mass circumcision activity will again be held throughout the school holidays, but in a few different places. “The activities of mass circumcision besides performing worship, the activity also to fill the holiday. We thank KPK who is willing to be a donator, and organizer of the mass circumcision activities this time, “said Lutfiyana.

The sound of the cries of children broke out in the room but there are also children who did not cry when the doctor circumcise, children who have been circumcised get the parcel, so that those who had been crying immediately smiled back because getting the gift.

Newsroom/Yadi Mulyadi

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