Kidney is one of the most important organs in the body. The kidneys play an important role in removing body waste from the blood and regulating fluid levels.

Every day the kidneys filter about 180 ml of blood to filter about 800 ml of waste products and excess water. While preventing the accumulation of waste and excess fluid, the kidneys also maintain stable electrolyte levels and produce hormones making red blood cells.

Head of Nephro Plus Nutritionist, Mrinal Pandit said there are five simple lifestyle changes that can be made to ensure healthy kidney function.

First, make yourself stay hydrated. As reported by Indian Express, drinking lots of water will help the kidneys function properly.

The body is well hydrated if urine is yellow. If the urine color is darker, it is an indicator to increase fluid intake. Changes in urine color can also be caused by several medicine drugs.

Reduce the intake of diuretics in food because it can make more urine production and cause loss of sodium, as well as water.

Second, visit your doctor regularly. As reported, diabetes and hypertension account for about 40 to 60 percent cases of chronic kidney disease in India.

If you have this history, prepare yourself periodically and keep medical numbers below the limit. Get the A1C test at least twice a year, but ideally up to four times a year.

Those who have high blood pressure need to check it as often as possible and control it to make sure the kidneys stay in shape. Follow the DASH diet to help reduce blood pressure.

Third, eat healthy. Eating a healthy and balanced diet ensures you get plenty of vitamins and minerals for organ function.

Choose natural foods because they are more nutritious than preserved foods. Remember to eat well, but don’t overeat because it can cause obesity.

Regular exercise can help keep blood pressure and sugar levels under control. Exercises such as walking, biking, or swimming also help maintain kidney health.

Fourth, avoid over-the-counter drugs or over-the-counter medicines. Avoid over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen for daily pain or joint swelling without a doctor’s prescription. These drugs can cause kidney damage if consumed too often for a long time.

Fifth, stop smoking. Smoking can damage blood vessels and increase the possibility of high blood pressure which is a major cause of kidney failure. People with high blood pressure should talk to their health care providers about smoking cessation therapy and treatment.


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