aubergineIt’s well-known that beans, cabbage and broccoli can cause bloating, but there’s a number of healthy foods that can also cause bloating that most of us might not know about. Sometimes it’s hard to find out the true culprit of bloating and get rid of it, but it’s possible if you eliminate these seven foods, along with foods high in sodium, processed foods, and most forms of dairy. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you should always avoid these foods, just when you bloat the most.


Garlic is healthy food that can cause bloating. The thing is, garlic contains sulfur that helps detoxify the body and can cause gas and bloating as a result. Consider eating well-cooked onions instead of garlic. They’re a natural diuretic that helps relieve water weight and bloating.

Sprouted grain bread

Perhaps the best healthy alternative to refined grain breads, sprouted grain bread contains the live grains that can instantly cause gas and bloating. Incorporate sprouted grain bread into your daily diet slowly so that your body has time to adjust to it.


Eggplants are high in fibers that are hard to digest despite it being amazingly healthy for you. Consume eggplants in moderation, or eat green zucchini instead. Green zucchini is an excellent source of potassium that can actually reduce gas and bloating.

Fruits (Especially Sour Fruits)

Not only can fruit ferments cause bloating, it can also upset the yeast balance in your body. If you suffer from regular bloating, try to consume low-fructose fruits such as bananas, blackberries, oranges, acai, lemons, papaya, and limes.

Cold Drinks

Consuming cold drinks when have an empty stomach may increase gastric acid and it can cause bloating.

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