MALANG. Ramadan is often used as a moment to share, because God promises to multiply the reward for the one who gives charity. After performing ashar prayer, Tuesday (05/30) volunteers from Rumah Zakat Malang went to Nurul Huda Mosque to implement ifthar program with local residents. The implementation location is located at Jalan Budi Utomo, Mulyorejo Sub-district, Sukun Sub-district, Malang City.


The event started with a prayer performed by TPQ and the recitation of the holy verses of Al-Quran by Ayesha, followed by welcome from residents who represented Sulistyo and Helmi from Rumah Zakat Volunteers.


Ten minutes before the break, the 146 beneficiaries listened to lectures and prayers led by ustadz K.H. Damanhuri.


After the prayer, the iftar package is distributed before the evening prayer arrives. When maghrib call, the date becomes the breaking of the fast on the fourth day of Ramadan in Mulyorejo.


Sharing the favor with breaking fast together is a form of gratitude to Allah SWT who has given positive energy to always share happiness with others.

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