LOKAKARYA POSYANDU PERTAMINA SEHATI DIGELAR DI MEDANMEDAN. PT. Pertamina (Persero) TBBM Terrain Group, together with Rumah Zakat synergy in Posyandu Sehati program. One of the activities is to hold a posyandu workshop.

This event was held at the Hall of PT. Pertamina TBBM on Medan Group street, Yossudarso 19.5 Km,  Medan. This workshop started at 09.00 with the opening by Project Cordinator of Pertamina and continued with remarks of Operational Head of TBBM Terrain Group, Mr. Bintang G. Rogahang. Mr. Hamidi Lubis as head of village also deliver his speech.

Afterwards, Mr. Budi Syahputra explained about Pertamina Sehati Posyandu implementation program that held at Kampung Nelayan, and continued by a discussion session among the workshop participants from PT. Pertamina and Rumah Zakat. After the discussion session, there was counseling about Balanced Nutrition For Toddlers which delivered by dr. Mukhsin Daulay. it is to increase scientific capacity of Posyandu cadres.

“Participants who attended this workshop including the employees of PT. Pertamina, the village government, health centers, Posyandu cadres, mothers,  and representatives of Rumah Zakat. Total participants in the workshop posyandu pertamina is 26 people. ” Said Wahyudin, Project Monitoring and Evaluation of Rumah Zakat.


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