BOGOR (1/11). The Little Doctor race was held to commemorate the 2018 International Health Carnival. The event which carries the theme ‘Together Working Successfully’ was attended by 4 schools from Indonesia, namely SDIT Insantama, SD Pertiwi, SDIT Aliya, SD Juara Jaksel and 4 schools from Malaysia, SK F South Lui, Seroja Park SK, Lubuk Buntar SK, SK F Palong 7.


Representative of Dokcil, consisting of 5 children, took part in an inter-nation collaboration competition for young doctors at SDIT Aliya. Registered as many as 54 children as participants by participating in 3 competitions namely: Teknik Rawatan Kecemasan, lomba Media Promosi, dan lomba Explorace Kesihatan.


The event which took place from 08.00-16.50 WIB was held in the SDIT Aliya Hall. Before starting the competition, they were greeted with angklung offerings from Aliya’s students, Marawis’s performance, and trailers of Dokcil activities from 4 Indonesian schools as well as 4 schools from Malaysia.


Previously the children were asked to play games of intimacy among the contestants, by getting to know each other. The event was also attended by the Bogor City Health Office, Bogor City Education Agency, Malaysian Health Office. The signing of the Small Doctor Program MoU was continued by schools attending the competition with schools from Malaysia.

In this collaboration competition, each school is grouped with schools from others. SD Juara Jakarta Selatan won 2 gold medals for the category: Teknik Rawatan Kecemasan and lomba Explorace Kesihatan. 2 Silver Medals lomba Media Promosi, dan lomba Explorace Kesihatan, 1 bronze medal for lomba Media Promosi.

“I’m glad I can take part in this competition. Ma’am, i can have friends from Malaysia. Later if there is another competition can I come again, ma’am?” Said the 5th grade class students,  Husnul who was excited and ready to be included again.

In preparation for this contest SD Juara Jakarta Selatan was assisted by volunteers and health facilitators of Rumah Zakat. Giving material even presented doctors who gave training on first aid to children. Hopefully this activity fosters the achievement of good environmental health in schools and at home that starts with oneself and the surrounding environment.



Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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