YOGYAKARTA. On Wednesday (26/07) Waryin, Relawan Inspirasi of Rumah Zakat with RW X residents still busy painting the wall of Lorong Hijau Herbal or Herbal Green Alleyway which is initiated by Relawan Inspirasi. This is because there will be a green environmental assessment from the team of Kricak village, Yogyajarta City which will be held on Thursday (27/07). For that Herbal Green Alleyway was also ready to display the best in this year’s race.

“We hope we can be the champion of the green environment all around. But actually our RW X has become a champion before the race, because we managed to create a Herbal Green Alleyway. As we all know that the trees here can also be a medicine for the sick. “Waryin said.

The most prominent thing in this Herbal Green Alleyway is the visitor served some information about the name and the efficacy of the tree. For example pandanus leaf trees that we know just as a color or fragrant addition of food pandanus leaf is also efficacious to overcome high blood pressure and can eliminate dandruff. Naturally new insights for the newly know will the efficacy of each tree.

“Hopefully RW X will be the champion of green environment contest at Kricak village.” hoped Waryin.


Newsroom / Rico Ayatul Yuza

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