LOTTE MART DAN RZ SINERGI SALURKAN DANA DONASI JAKARTA As a form of contribution and concern from Lotte Mart Indonesia (LMI) to orphanages around Lotte Mart store, on Tuesday (27/06) LMI launches CSR Program to Donate 1% of Private Brand products sales to help meet the basic needs of the orphanage in the form of food, clothing and school kit.

Commercial Director of LMI, Donny S Handoko said that the launch of Donate 1% of Private Brand products sales Brand LMI is a concern for the welfare of orphanages around Lotte Mart store. This program invites customers to participate, in which with the purchase of Private Brand products have helped orphanages that have been selected by Lotte Mart, “he said while giving a speech at the store Lotte Mart Kelapa Gading, Jakarta (27/06).

1% Program donation will be sustained, as the first phase Private Brand products will be donated to orphanages around Lotte Mart Kelapa Gading, namely Al Aqsa Orphanage and Muhammadiyah orphanage and around the area of Lotte Mart Marvell to orphanages Darul Falah and Ibn Maryam orphanages.

Lotte Mart cooperated with RZ (Zakat House) in this program, in particular related to the distribution of the donation of 1% of sales Private Brand products. As for the other programs that have been run in conjunction with RZ namely customer donation fundraising program which has been running for 5 years.

Donny hopes that this CSR program, the sales of Private brand product will continue to increase and the contribution made by Lotte Mart can be given to lots of orphanages.

RZ as Lotte Mart partner in the implementation of CSR program gives an excellent appreciation. “Lotte Mart’s initiative is one of the innovations empowering social concern of the company. Gradually, hopefully the public can give a positive response even fully support to the sustainability of the program in the future, “said CEO RZ, Nur Efendi.

RZ also expects that 1% donation CSR Program Donate of Private Brand sales Products will continue to innovate in the context of its empowerment program. This is taken so the LMI social care initiatives can provide benefits to more and more people in various regions in Indonesia.




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