LOTTE MART GANDENG RZ GELAR SIAGA SEHAT BALITAJAKARTA. The transition from the dry to the rainy season that occurs in some regions such as Jakarta, causing many people fell ill both young children and adults, especially for children who have a weak body resistance will be very vulnerable to disease.


Manifestation of concern of the health condition of children under five, Lotte Mart Green Square Pramuka dan RZ staged Healthy Toodler Alert on Friday (13/01). The activity held in Rawasari village office at Jalan Pramuka Sari 1 No. 1 Rt 14 Rw 08, Rawasari, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta.


The event began with a speech from various parties, namely Tri Budi Setio Rahardjo as Manager Store Lotte Mart Green Square Pramuka, Yan Sumarna representative of RZ and Kris Dariyani S.Sos as the Secretary of Rawasari Village.


Pak Setio conveyed positive things going standby healthy activity that took place and I hope that people can receive benefits. “This activity is extremely beneficial. In addition, in this event Lotte Mart wants to introduce to the wider public that the future Lotte Mart could continue to give as good as this moment onwards, “said Setio deliver.


The information pack Sumarna of RZ Yan said that the event took place from the cooperation between the RZ and Lotte Mart. Where there is a contribution of Lotte Mart customers who shop and entrust their donations to charity.


The action held for free from 08.00 pm, the toddler who was taken to follow the action as 30 people who came from the surrounding area, a doctor on duty to check the health of these children. At the end of the activities of each child who has been examined got Supplementary Food includes milk, apples, sausage and biscuits.


“Thanks to Lotte Mart and Rumah Zakat who has held the activity for our citizens, and I appeal to the public to better concern about children, “said Kris Dariyani in his speech.


Nur Efendi, said poverty alleviation is resolution 2017. He stressed, reduction targets to be achieved RZ which is 1.5 percent of poverty in Indonesia.

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