SOLO. Rumah Zakat Solo volunteers work together with various communities in Solo, such as Kriya Mandiri, Muslim Climber Community, and Forais and SMA Muhammdiyah 1 Surakarta students held solidarity action and fundraising for Myanmar in Car Free Day (CFD) precisely in front of Bank BRI, Surakarta on (10/09).

This action is a form of solidarity to Rohingya Muslim in order to alleviate the burden of Rohingya Muslim brothers in Myanmar. This action was carried out by reading poetry about the crimes of humanity in Rohingya and singing nasyid themed solidarity.

This action received enough attention from the community, it proofed by the donation collected amounting to Rp3.300.000.

“Thank you to the people who have donated, may it can help to eliminate the pain of our brother in Rohingya today,” said Dea, Volunteer of Rumah Zakat.


Newsroom / Ai Ratih Rusmayanti


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