love4rohingya-paket-bantuan-sembako-telah-tiba-di-rakhineMYANMAR.Alhamdulillah, RZ Volunteers were on a humanitarian mission for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has arrived in Rakhine town. RZ Volunteers assisted by residents packed immediately logistical assistance to Rohingya in Duktawle Village, Rakhine. The aids prepared in the form of 128 food packages, each containing 25 kg rice, 2 kg of salted fish, 2.5 kg of onions and 2.5 kg of potatoes.

“People here are very enthusiastic to help us from the start shopping and packing the aid package,” said Andri Murdianto, Volunteer RZ. After getting information about their support of Indonesia, residents of Duktawle Village, Rakhine, Myanmar began coming to the distribution site. They were very happy to receive food packages from the citizens of Indonesia.

The plan, RZ Volunteers will be in Rakhine up to 4 days ahead. “There are three distribution points in Rakhine, they are Duktawle Village Shabuk Camp and Aung Minglar Camp. In these three points we will distribute 500 food packages, “Add Andri. Besides distributing logistical support, RZ Volunteers will also make hand-pumped wells in the 3-point of distribution.

“The Rohingya people not only lack of food, they are also difficult to get clean water. Because of that we’ll make hand-pumped wells, “explained Andri.

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