LURAH BABAKAN APRESIASI TANAMAN HIDROPONIK KEBUN GIZI DESA BINAAN PGN - RZ A healthy environment is a dream of every society, and therefore required a real effort to make it happen. In line with this RZ working together to build the Nutrient Gardens in Moseh fostered village of Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), one of which is located on Rt 04 Rw 03 Babakan Cikokol sub-district Karawaci district Tangerang.

Surrounding communities still have low awareness on hygiene, proven with those who still littering so that the comunity required education. Besides, the citizens still have limited knowledge about hydroponic farming, they still do not know much about their environment can be used to grow crops so that education about land use is necessary.

Departing from these things, RZ together Moseh PGN seeks to develop hydroponic plants there, by planting Pgoda mustard and lettuce in the program of Nutrient Garden Moseh PGN.

On Wednesday (20/07) Moseh PGN visited the Patronage Gardens, attended by Mr. H.Abu Sofian, SE as Lurah Babakan Cikokol and 6 beneficiaries.

The visit Nutrient Gardens Moseh PGN were immediately attended by Mr. H. Abu Sofian SE as the village head of Babakan which is very valuable support for the beneficiaries in Rw 03 Babakan sub-district Cikokol tangerang.

The event starts at 01.00 until 03.00 PM Together with volunteer mothers and citizens as beneficiaries of the garden program Patronage Moseh PGN Nutrition Village.

The head village Mr. H.Abu Sofian SE also very excited when he saw a very hydroponic plants flourish quickly, “It could be developed in order to increase the income of local residents around at least three is no shortage of vegetables.” He said.

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