SEMARANG. In the business world, motivation is needed for the enterpreneur and must be routinely given to keep the spirit in do business activities. Likewise is done by Rumah Zakat in providing motivation and knowledge of business knowledge to members of the targeted business.

Business School for Rumah Zakat business members has been held on Friday (26/01/2018) and bring Lutvan, a young entrepreneur from Bali.

Lutvan invites participants to evaluate the condition of each of their business with the business model of canvas model. A simple method used by all forms of business, both small and large scale. Lutvan delivered the method with simple words and easily understood by the participants.

“It’s just a tool, but if it’s used correctly, the business we’re in will be well-developed. Because through this method, we will be more creative and also find problems and solutions as well, “said Lutvan.

Lutvan started his business career by establishing Ayam Goreng Keraton during college with some college friends. He admitted that many valuable lessons from the experience of opening the business. Ayam Goreng Keraton has been released and handed over to his friends in the management. Now, he tries to expand his business and focus in the world of property, especially resorts and villas.

A total of 25 participants from members built Rumah Zakat attended the Business School. Participants are very enthusiastic about the material presented. It is recognized by Amat Kayat, “I feel the need to try to apply the method to the efforts of rica-rica that they do,” he said.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi

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