INDRAMAYU. Monday (31/12), the Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat held Mabit activities for the beneficiaries built in BBTQ Block of Inspiration Hall. Prawira RT 005) RW 001.

This Mabit activity is a new program that Insha Allah will be followed by all PM regularly. In this opportunity, this MABIT activity is followed by 6 people from junior high and elementary level from grade 5 and 6.

Started by Shalat Isya, the first agenda to MABIT tonight is watching the movie with Muhammad Al-Fatih. Accompanied by boiled peanuts, boiled corn and boiled bananas. Then the activity continued with a little material about the Origins of the New Year AD.

This theme is taken to coincide with New Year’s 2018, so the speakers want to give an understanding that the year commemorated every January 1 is not the new year of Islam.

The rest of the agenda breaks for preparation of Tahajud prayer, and at 03.00 all PM and the speakers perform Tahajud Prayers and followed by Shubuh prayer in the mosque, ba’da Shubuh Prayer agenda recitations and continued sports to the coast of Balongan.

“Happy to join the Mabit activities, there is watching together and this morning can exercise while traveling to the coast ….” Algi (11 yrs)

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