MABIT SARANA PEMBENTUKAN MENTAL SISWAJAKARTA. SD Juara Jakarta Utara held mabit which lasted for two days, 5-6 May 2017 which is located in Ancol Baiturrahman Mosque. The activity aims to pray together and provide motivation to 6th grade students for their exams to run smoothly.

The 6th grade students of SD Juara IPC Jakarta utara have begun preparing for School Based Exam (US / MBD) on 15, 16 and 17 May 2017. As in previous years the school has a special program for 6th grade children before they face the exam.

“With the holding of this special Mabit we hope that students will be able to prepare themselves in facing of the Regional School-Based Exam (US / MBD) which will be held simultaneously from 15 to 17 May 2017. We always teach children to always involve God in every affairs, endeavor must be accompanied by prayer to avoid being arrogant. Of course we also hope parents help and support the children in the learning process because the process will not betray the results, ” Wiwid Widayanti said as Vice Principal of SD Juara IPC Jakarta Barat on curriculum affairs.

SD Juara IPC Jakarta Barat left for location on Friday at 17.00 WIB. The voice of adzan magrib welcomed the arrival of the children at the location, simultaneously the children immediately took ablution and magrib prayers in congregation and proceed with recitations of Al-Quran according to their respective mentoring group until entering isya prayer time.

The official Mabit event was opened after the evening prayer and dinner by Suprapto, vice principal of SD Juara IPC Jakarta Barat. Through his speech he tried to generate motivation and convince every student has the potential to achieve a satisfactory value. The series of events that have been packaged with interesting, expected to refresh the children as well as encourage and motivate them. According to the theme raised in the mabit this time is “Be Champion is a Yes, Honest is a Must”, students are expected to have high integrity.

By early morning, the students perform tahajud prayer together with muhasabah led by ustadz Erfa Hidayat Al-Hafidz. “This event is routinely done every year with the aim of preparing mentally of the students before the exam.” Rahmat Ilahi expalined, Principal of SD Juara IPC Jakarta Barat as well as responsible for activities.

Over the past few months, the students have conducted try outs provided by teachers from the school and from the Education Office. In order to achieve the common goal, the school invites parents to synergize each other to support and pray for their children for the smooth exams.

Mabit activity ended on Saturday (06/05) at 06.00 WIB by shaking hands with students and teachers to apologize and ask each other for blessing. Although the mabit event has ended, the school gives students the chance to enjoy Ancol Beach. Once satisfied to play, the group back to school at 07.00 am.

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