BANTUL. The Study of Majelis Taklim Muslimah, Ibu Bahagia in Banguntapan empowered village, Bantul, on Wednesday (24/10) ran smoothly. Even though the attendance of the members was not maximal, the participants who attended were very enthusiastic to take part in this routine held every 2 weeks every Wednesday night.

The activity this time it was presented by resource person Ahmad Salis, S.E from Kediri FTQ. The theme of the study presented is about the Qur’an the solution to life’s problems.

On this occasion, Ustadz Ahmad invited Muslim women to prioritize and make the Qur’an a guide and guide to their lives. “With the understanding of the Qur’an, a Muslim woman will be able to face various dynamics of life and remain istiqomah in carrying out Islam”, said Ustadz Ahmad.

Then after delivering a study about Muslim women, the activity continued with a discussion and question and answer session, one of which was about how the Quran can be a solution to life, especially to solve problems in the household.

This phenomenon occurs a lot due to our lack of interaction with the Quran, let alone to understand and practice reading it very rarely.

“For this reason, Rumah Zakat, through the Desa Berdaya Program, is committed to carrying out community development programs, especially for mothers, so that they can create a harmonious and equal household,” explained Sugianto, Empowered Village Facilitator.

Sugianto also added that besides in the form of the Majelis Taklim Study, community development was also carried out in the form of the Al Qur’an Tahsin and Shubuh Prayer Activities in congregation at the local Mosque.


Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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