TASIKMALAYA (5/12). Kampung Situ and Cikondang village are villages affected by the landslide disaster. in the past month, landslides often occur when rainfall is high in the area. Landslides hit residents’ houses and access roads to Situ village and Cikondang Village, Bojongsari Village, Culamega District, Tasikmalaya Regency.

The MTT team and Rumah Zakat Team experienced difficulties when heading to the village because the road was buried in mud, rocks and steep roads. The time taken from Bandung to the location is approximately 7-8 hours away.

The Healthy Alert program has been implemented, namely free health services carried out by the Majelis Taklim Telkomsel together with Rumah Zakat at Cikondang Post and Situ Posko. The activity starts at Situ Posko at 09.00-12.00 WIB, beginning with the opening by the PIC. The program continued with health counseling by Dr. Laila Dinda with the theme of hypertension. Counseling takes the theme because the majority of diseases in refugees are hypertension.

Then the residents carry out a blood pressure check, after which the Medical Examination is conducted. Residents who indicated Uric Acid, Cholesterol and Glucose were directed to the tension table to check Metabolic, then take the drug in the drug depo section. In addition, supplementary food for infants and toddlers is also carried out in the form of milk and biscuits.

After the meal and prayer breaks, the team proceeded to the Cikondang post. When heading to this post, the road that was passed was muddy and steep. The time needed is approximately one hour from Situ Village to Cikondang Village.

Residents were very enthusiastic about this activity. Overall, this action activity went smoothly with 150 beneficiaries. As for the people who participated in the health service, there were 150 Public Health examinations, 40 Matabolik Checkers, 100 People PMT, 43 people were given Health Care and 50 pcs of distributions for baby refugees in the post.


Asihdwi Rini / Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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