MAJELIS TAKLIM TELKOMSEL DAN RZ MAKASSAR GELAR KHITANAN MASSAL, WARGA ANTUSIASMAKASSAR. On Sunday (06/26), MTT (Majelis Taklim Telkomsel) Regional Sulawesi staged mass circumcision for free to 45 underprivileged children. This activity was organized in cooperation with the RZ Makassar. Activities carried out at Jl. Maccini Raya No. 26, Makassar precisely at RZ’s RBG Clinic was started at 08.00 pm.

The event began with opening remarks by MC and continued with recitations of the Quran. Events then continued to welcome the citizens delivered by Amir ST. as Branch Manager of RZ Makassar. He expressed gratitude to the authorities and local residents who have given permission to carry out activities in this location. The second remark delivered by Kihajar Irwanto as Chairman of MTT Regional Sulawesi simultaneously open the activity.

” Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) will continue to participate in social activities, whether in the field of education, health, economy and so on to help the less fortunate.” He said in his speech.

A total of four doctors and several nurses presented in this mass circumcision, on the sidelines of the circumcision took place, also attended the local village who want to review the process of circumcision.

Various reactions come from the child when they were circumcised, there was a child who cried while clutching her mother’s hand, but there are also children who quiet. But there is something interesthing on one of the participant, since the beginning of the process to finish he did not stop saying the verses of the Quran he memorized. His name is Wahyu, when asked ” Wahyu, you are good in reciting Quran, Do you feel any pain?”
“No brother” Wahyu said, smiling left circumcision room.

Despite the pain he felt, but he was able to hide his pain with a relieved smile. He was a child who dared, in contrast with some other children, even there are some children who have not entered the room of circumcision has been crying first.

Besides circumcision children were also given gifts in the form of a peci, sarung, snack and allowances granted upon completion circumcised. This activity ended at 13:30 pm with the number of participants as many as 45 children.

Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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